Terms and conditions

Terms of use

Ifactory Management, S.L. (hereinafter Ifactory), is an online service to manage different aspects of a business. The present conditions expose the rights and obligations of the user and of Ifactory as provider of the service.

Ifactory will assume that any user who uses the service has read and accepted the conditions of use, and Ifactory reserves the right to update and modify the Terms of Use without any prior notice, which are always available at getakademia.com

Ifactory, with Tax Identification Number B65418196 and domicile at Miret i Sans, Barcelona, registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona Tomo 42.185, Folio 24, Page B-403.202, provides the getakademia Web Site and its related services according to The terms and conditions set forth below. This agreement will be valid from the date you check the box for acceptance of this agreement that appears at the bottom of this document. New features that could be added to the Services will be subject to the Terms of Use. In case the user continues to make use of the Service after any modification, it will assume their agreement with said modifications. You can always check the latest version of the terms of use at http://getakademia.com/terms. Failure to comply with any of the Conditions of Use may lead to cancellation of your account.

1. Account terms

To access the service it is essential to be over sixteen (16) years old.

A complete legal name, an email address, and all information required by Ifactory in the account creation process must be provided.

It is the responsibility of the user to provide truthful information, and Ifactory reserves the right to delete any account, if it is suspected of its veracity or could breach any of the rules of use of Ifactory.

The user is responsible for maintaining the privacy of his account. Ifactory shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may be the result of user error in protecting your login information.

The parties accept to legally equate the signature of the client with the signature made by any other type of code, code or element of security identification. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the service provider may require, when deemed necessary, written confirmation to the client.

2. Agreements

Ifactory offers a rate system that adapts to the volume of documents that the user performs. The limits of each tariff are specified in the prices section at Ifactory.com/pricing. If the user exceeds any of the limits of his tariff, he will have to increase the rate.

Ifactory reserves the right to modify the rates unilaterally and at any time, without granting such change any right to compensation by the users.

3. Payment and access

A valid bank card is required to make payments. It is not required to create or use a free account. Ifactory will periodically charge you a recurring fee depending on the type of account you have contracted.

The Service is charged each period in advance, and is not refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of the Service, nor will there be refunds in case the user does not use the Service during the period of time the account is open. In no case shall exceptions be made.

The customer agrees that it will not be necessary to confirm receipt of the acceptance of the contract when it has been concluded exclusively by means of electronic communication.

In case the user charges account level for their volume of documents, a charge will not be made on their card with the new amount until the next billing date. From now on, the next billing will be charged on your card for the new amount, unless the account is canceled.

In case of non-payment or return of the receipt, you will be notified of the default and will automatically lose the ability to access the Service. The data will be deleted within thirty (30) days from the date of default.

No fee includes any taxes or duties required by your governmental authorities. The user is responsible for paying these taxes or obligations. The user decides who has the right to enter his account with the role he deems appropriate.

4. Service and pricing modifications

Ifactory reserves the right to modify or suspend, temporarily or permanently, the Service at any time for any reason with or without notice if it deems it convenient. Ifactory reserves the right to change monthly fees with a notice of 15 days. Notification of quota changes will be posted on Ifactory's website and in writing.

5. Cancelation

The user is responsible for the proper cancellation of his account. You can cancel your account at any time through the profile menu. Once your account is canceled, all your content will be deleted after thirty (30) days. The user can cancel his account at any time, but will be responsible for all the charges made until that moment, including the full monthly charge for the month in which he suspends the service. Thereafter, you will not be charged. Ifactory reserves the right to cancel an account or prevent the use of the Software to those who do not comply with the present conditions of use.

6. Copyright and intellectual property

Ifactory owns all the Intellectual Property rights of all and any of the components of the Service that may be protected, including but not limited to the name of the Service, graphic material, all software associated with the Service and the elements of the user interface contents In the Service, many of the individual characteristics and related documentation. The user undertakes not to copy, adapt, reproduce, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile, or disguise any facet of the Service that Ifactory owns. The user also accepts and agrees not to use robots, spiders, other automated devices, or manual processes to control or copy any content of the Service. Ifactory will not claim rights over the Intellectual Property of the Content that the user uploads or provides to the Service. However, by using the Service to send content, the user accepts that third parties can view and share this content sent by the user.

7. General terms

The user is fully responsible for the access and correct use of Ifactory subject to the current legality, whether national or international, as well as the principles of good faith, morality, good customs and public order. And specifically, it acquires the commitment to diligently observe the present General Conditions of use.

The user agrees not to resell, duplicate, reproduce or exploit any part of the Service without the express written consent of Ifactory. You may not use the Service to store, host, or send harmful or unsolicited (spam) e-mail.

You understand that the Service may be used for the transmission of your Content, and that during this process, your Content, including invoices, payment notices, and personal messages, may be transferred unencrypted through the Internet. The user can not use the service to transmit any virus, worm, or any type of malicious or harmful content.

Ifactory makes no warranties with respect to its ability to use the Service, its satisfaction with the Service, that the Service is available at all times, uninterruptedly and without errors, the accuracy of the mathematical calculations performed by the Service, and the correction Of the errors of the Service.

Neither Ifactory nor its partners nor its sponsors are liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive, or other damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use made by the user from service. The user can only solve his dissatisfaction with the Service by not using it and canceling his account.

If any of the conditions described here are invalidated or can not be applied, the application of any of the remaining ones should not be affected in any case.

Any questions regarding the Terms of Use should be directed to Ifactory Technical Support: info@getakademia.com

The Terms of Use establish an absolute understanding between you and Ifactory regarding the Service and prevail over any prior agreement reached between you and Ifactory. The Terms, and your relationship with Ifactory under these Terms, shall be governed by the laws of Spain. The user and Ifactory accept to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona to resolve any legal question regarding the Conditions.

8. Security and privacy

The data that users enter into Ifactory are hosted on Google's servers in the European Union, thus ensuring both the regulation in data hosting as the highest levels of security and accessibility of the market.